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Brihha LMS

With Brihha LMS, you get cutting-edge, learning technology solutions at your fingertips!

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Brihha LMS is the trademark Learning Management System developed by Judge India Solutions. It is a one-stop shop for all the amenities that organizations and learners require for consistent upskilling and maximized knowledge retention.

LMS Suite

Our LMS Software Suite brings all the features required for efficient functioning on a centralized, online eLearning platform. Brihha combines the latest in technological advancements across fields and integrates them to create the ideal eLearning solution. Users of our top LMS Suite enjoy access to quality learning material that they can upload, create, share, and interact with highly customizable learning courses.

AR/VR Studio

With our AR/VR studio, we aim to provide a tactical, strategic, and personalized learning experience so that users can experience the difference with experiential learning! We facilitate an enhanced learning experience for all users making it easier to grasp complex concepts with Augmented Reality. Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality optimizes learner retention and improves academic performance.

Video Conferencing

Communication and collaboration are the ways to consistent success. Our Video Conferencing feature provides high-quality, collaboration solutions for every workplace. It provides a diverse array of tools to ensure users can host video conferences for lectures, classes, or meetings with almost every feature imaginable. Users can also customize the video quality of their cameras from Ultra HD, 4K, Full HD, to SD according to their bandwidth.


Our LMS Assessment Tool helps users create and proctor online assessments, tests, examinations, and more. Users can design and develop highly customizable quizzes, assignments, assessments, tests, etc. We also enable real-time assessment and feedback. Additionally, the array of filter options simplifies the analysis process by allowing the user to refine their evaluation of the assessment.

Learning Courses

The best LMS for Learning Courses is inclusive and negates the requirement of a physical classroom, allowing students and learners from remote locations to learn regularly. Corporations also benefit from Brihha as the product provides multiple features to conduct training programs for professionals across the globe and employees online.


Our Whiteboard LMS Software provides smooth transitions between a digital whiteboard, a physical keyboard, a stylus, and uploading images. It also provides all users with supreme versatility and a secure environment to collaborate with employees working remotely. Our Whiteboard eLearning Software offers tools and functionalities to service multiple scenarios and purposes.

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