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Vardaan - A Disaster Management System

Vardaan - provides ease of managing disasters by enabling one centralized channel of communication to citizens!

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Vardaan is a comprehensive disaster management system and application that centralizes governments, disaster management anarchies, volunteers, and citizens within disaster-affected areas on a single dashboard. It provides a citizen-centered interface through web, mobile portals, and applications that enable access to e-Market, e-Pass, Telemedicine, and Telehealth. Simultaneously, authorities can keep a track of movement through live GIS tracking.


The Vardaan core module consists of an Organization Directory providing a centralized dashboard that makes relief information accessible to citizens and organizations working in the affected geography. It enables the citizens to find the list of services and volunteers with their contact details for ease of operation in times of disaster.


Our emergency module enables organizations to report an incident and manage information as per the event or emergency. It supports single and multiple events depending on the scenario and provides specific contact list functionality for organizations and offices.


The Vardaan health module is a comprehensive solution that places a strong emphasis on health during disasters. The module offers various features such as Disease Tracking, Patient Tracking, Electronic Medical Records, and Telehealth services, which work together to provide a more efficient and effective health management system during disasters.


During a disaster, supply chains are often disrupted, and it is challenging to provide basic necessities to those affected. Logistics management with Vardaan becomes easy with seamless and connected management of three main components i.e., Assets, Warehouse, and Requests.


The Vardaan Population Module is an innovative solution that focuses on disseminating information related to population management during a disaster. This module utilizes a structured approach to detect risk areas through assessments and provides timely information to relevant stakeholders.

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