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ServiceNow Resources as a Service
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Our ServiceNow Resources as a Service helps customers pick and choose the type of support needed to manage their operations. Our services help customers get the right talent for the right duration for specific implementation or support objectives. The new age approach and a wide variety of support packages help customers to be agile and practical while getting niche talent for their in-house teams.

ServiceNow Support (L1 to L3 Specialist)

Our customers who want to keep the ownership and control of the ServiceNow instances with their internal stakeholders can leverage our ServiceNow support packages where we offer ServiceNow developers and consultants at competitive prices to manage their support operations. Our ServiceNow Technical Support Services help customers pick and choose the kind of experience and skill set required to run their ServiceNow support.

Niche Skill Support

ServiceNow is a niche skill and the right resources for the job are hard to find. Hence, under our ServiceNow Skills Management, we offer experienced and skilled ServiceNow developers and consultants with the specific domain knowledge the customer wants.

Limited / Packaged Support Hours

To manage the sporadic business needs, we offer our customers limited support hours where they can pick and choose the experience and skill set required for a particular job or project. They also get the flexibility of defining the short to long-term duration. Our ServiceNow Resource Management Services provide our customers with cost and flexibility benefits.

Resource Ramp Up & Ramp Down Support

ServiceNow Resource Management Services help customers plan the hiring and downsizing of ServiceNow support personnel based on fluctuating business needs, budget, and internal demand. As ServiceNow is a niche skill, managing the resources without wasting funds is tricky. That is where our experienced delivery and resourcing managers help our customers plan their ramp-up and ramp-down strategies to optimize costs.

Resource Deployment (onshore - offshore, short - long term)

Under our ServiceNow Resource Deployment, we offer to deploy ServiceNow professionals on a case-to-case basis giving the customers flexibility to choose the location, duration, skill, and experience based on their budgets.

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