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ServiceNow Data Migration Services

Secure and Efficient Data Transfer.

ServiceNow Data Migration Services
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ServiceNow Data Migration Services enable customers to migrate their operational data from legacy or other in-house systems to their ServiceNow instances. We support the movement of transactional data by carefully planning the migration to minimize or eliminate data loss possibilities. Our ServiceNow Migration Services are flexible to incorporate any specific requirements or usage of data migration tools from one system to another ensuring customer's operations run smoothly.

Data Migration To ServiceNow instance

We migrate the records from customers’ existing service systems to their ServiceNow instances using additional tools or by integration between systems, depending on the use case. Our ServiceNow Data Migration Services also ensure the data migrating from existing systems is stored in the correct format and structure as per the recommended practices of ServiceNow.

Migrate Operations from Non-ServiceNow

A complex and critical challenge that organizations often face is the migration of operations from one system to another. Although data from legacy systems gets migrated to ServiceNow without impacting the operations, the change in an operational system of this scale requires careful planning and specialized experience to manage OCM challenges.

Our Trusted Technology Partners

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